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Air Conditioner Leak

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

With the temperature rising its almost a guarantee you’re running your air conditioner. Some people do not even thing of the possibility of the air conditioner staring a water damage. There is plenty of factors that can cause your air conditioner to create a leak that might affect structural materials.  A clogged air filter can cause your coils to freeze and create a water damage. The drain pan can crack and can cause a water damage. Although SERVPRO is not an air condition repair company we recommend calling a certified company out if you happen to come across issues with your air conditioner. When you find out your air conditioner has leaked it is best to have SERVPRO come out to check if the leak affected any of the structure materials. There have been so many customers that thought just getting their air conditioner fixed was all they needed to do until they come across mold. It is so important that once you come across a leak to have someone inspect for moisture because it can leak in your walls. If the moisture reaches into you walls and is not properly dried, you have the chance of it turning into mold. If you ever come across an air conditioner leak give SERVPRO a call (805) 492-2434 to perform a moisture inspection.

Area Rug Cleaning

6/11/2021 (Permalink)

Did you know SERVPRO of Thousand Oaks offers the service of area rug cleaning?  Area rugs are made from more of a variety material then wall to wall carpet is. We offer to perform the cleaning at customer location if they have adequate space for are rug to get clean at and drying area. If the customer does not have the space, we do offer to clean area rugs at our shop which will be returned around 7-10 business days. Our trained technicians will inspect the rug before cleaning and notate preexisting damages. Areas that will be checked is the wear of the rug. Any fringes that look lose will be documented.  If there are animal stains, we cannot guarantee full removal of stain or odor. We will pretest the rug to see if colors will cause bleeding. If we find that rug will have color bleed cleaning can not be performed.  Give us a call if you have any question or would like to setup for your area rug to be cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

Dirty Carpet Here is an example of a dirty carpet that needs cleaning.

SERVPRO of Thousand Oaks does more than just water mitigation and fire restoration. Our technicians have years of experience in carpet cleaning.  The frequency of when your carpet should be clean depends on several different factors. For normal wear, it is recommended to have your carpets cleaned every 6-12 Months. If you smoke within your house, have pets and kids cleaning is recommended more frequently as in 3-6 months.  It is most important to clean your carpets before they become too soiled. If you wait too long to get your carpets clean it may never be able to restore to prior condition.  The carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed before cleaning is performed. About 80 percent of soils in the carpet can be removed by just vacuuming.  The dry particulates s that vacuuming removes are sand, hair, skin cells, carpet fibers, and others. It is recommended to vacuum before carpet cleaning so cleaning products don’t have to work much harder to dissolve and emulsify all the soils left in the carpet. Call SERVPRO of Thousand Oaks at (805) 492-2434 for future carpet cleaning.

Duct Cleaning

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

Ducting Duct run

Have you ever inspected the ductwork in your home? If you have you should make it a high priority too. Your ventilation system can be the biggest culprit to poor indoor air quality. Did you know that dirty ducts can circulate odors, mold, and dust throughout your home?  When you keep the HVAC and ductwork clean it might help extend the lifespan of the equipment. It will help the system to operate at peak conditions. Inspecting your ductwork to determine if cleaning is necessary by a professional. It is always recommended in certain circumstances such as smoke, fire, and possible mold growth, that duct cleaning become a part of the process.  It is very important to replace or clean filters during the duct cleaning process. Call SERVPRO of Thousand Oaks at (805) 492-2434 for duct cleaning service.